What is the difference between a karaoke bar and a karaoke room?
A karaoke bar is a public space where singing is usually performed on a central podium in front of strangers. A karaoke room is a private space that is rented out to groups. This modern type of karaoke allows guests to sing not to strangers but with friends, colleagues or family. Furthermore, the karaoke room affords more chance to sing as the playlist is shared only by the group and not by everyone as in a karaoke bar.  

How do I select songs?
Unlike in a karaoke bar where songs are ordered through the karaoke DJ, at K*STAR guests self-order songs on an iPad.

Are the karaoke rooms rented only by the hour?

No. You can rent the karaoke room for 1 hour, 90 minutes, 2 hours or more. The average time is 2 hours.